Beyond polarities: working with (our) sins and virtues, Karin Jironet (June 2020)

Retreat:Beyond polarities, Working with (our) sins and virtues, Karin Jironet

3 en 4 juni 2020 (English spoken)

Often, the things that we like the least in ourselves, help us the most. In The Divine Comedy, Dante Alighieri describes a journey through the seven sins and virtues.

During these exceptional two days, we will explore these polarities as they play out in your life – and how to transcend them. You will work together in group and pair dynamics as well as individually, and in one-on-one sessions with Karin Jironet.

Throughout the retreat, we will use techniques that facilitate self-realization, including journaling, storytelling and role play and reflection. After the retreat you will know previously unrealized aspect of yourself and be aware how to experience yourself authentically.

Information and sign-up:

Costs professionals 1499,- euro, self-employed 1250,- euro