Fundamentals of Secure Base Leadership door Andreas Neumann, 8 & 9 april 2021 (new date!)

How do you earn the trust of people you lead or desire to influence? And how do you bring clarity to where you want your organization or team to head to?

These the fundamental questions George Kohlrieser addresses in his books Care to Dare and Hostage at the table, around which this workshop is designed. In two days of this training you will explore three basic models or maps, as Neuman calls them, that give orientation in building trust, finding focus and understanding motivation.

Andreas Phileas Neumann teaches, coaches and consults internationally with individuals, teams and organizations. At IMD in Lausanne he facilitates and coaches for over 18 years. He is passionate about understanding and integrating our family history into the broader context of our lives.

April  8 & 9  2021, costs: self-employed 950 euro & employed 1250